Books or e-books?

Imagine, you enter a library, you pick up a book and sniffed its pages. Wow, whatta heavenly moment!

Now, imagine you are in a boring place and you actually forgot about the book you got it last week which you were supposed to read and then you internally cry because you have no option but e-books. *sobs*

Well, hey there!

I suppose you know what side I am on.

I mean c’mon!

It’s not like I am against e-books and pdf files but the very smell of the dust on old books is actually amazing. Your senses suddenly waken up. Okay, it may not be waterproof or possible to carry books in every single place and that is when e-books become a survival kit.

But you cannot stay dependable on it. It can be free sometimes and the battery of your gadget might drain. It also causes eye strain due to high time of using screen. Also you can’t smell it! Well it’s waterproof to some extent but what if it gets damaged!?

So there is a lot of positivity on the physical book side. Well, what do you prefer?

Let me know in the comments below.



Self improvement books : A key to new mentality.

Life can be a mess. A big fat mess. Times come when you just feel like giving up because of situations. Times come when you feel like doing nothing and just everything. It seems all gloomy and helpless. *sighs*

So you suddenly remember you have to check your phone. You open up your Instagram and start scrolling down your feed like a couch potato and then, suddenly a motivational quote occurs which says “Don’t give up”, even though you are least bothered. You start scrolling again and then you find one more quote. You still ignore. You scroll. Found new quote. Ignore. Scroll. Repeat.

A point comes when you feel “what is happening? Why are there so many motivational quotes right now in front of me? Maybe, I shouldn’t give up. My head feels heavy.”

Truth is :

a negative experience is a positive experience in itself and a positive experience is a negative experience in itself.

Well, I read this one from The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fu*k by Mark Manson. Good book tho.

Speaking of motivation, have you read any of those self improvement books?

If you haven’t, my friend, you need to. Self improvement books give a kick start, a little bit of push to your lazy and tired brain.

For me, personally the books have worked so far. But wait, it’s not only on the reading. It’s on the implementation. If you read something that helps you in your life, it won’t work until you start to execute it. So more than just reading those methods and formulas, execution is crucial.

Also, I have noticed one thing about these books. You need to constantly be in touch with it. One cannot master an art just by doing it once. It will take time to adjust, to grow, to move forward but just don’t stop yourself.

There are times when what is written in the book won’t work out for you but then again, it’s your wish and will. You are supposed to make it for yourself. Everyone is different after all. You can’t expect it to be all same. Yeah but that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to wake up at 10 a.m. everyday and end your day by 12 a.m.

So, just breathe.

Well, bonus part. The list of books is :

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fu*k by Mark Manson

(Also, his new book Everything is fu*ked : a book about hope )

The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

(Read all the books by Robin Sharma actually)

The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Well, have a nice day and take care.


Which underrated book series do you love the most?

In the world of Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia to Percy Jackson and Game of thrones,we don’t lean on to new book series. There are so many underrated book series that I have recently discovered.

Original sinners by Tiffany Reisz is one such adult series. It briefly talks about a priest, a young man and their common lover. It takes us to a totally different world of BDSM and sadism. The series is divided into two parts, the Red years and White years which comprise of four books in each part. There are also so many in between novellas but one can actually read it after finishing of the series. It’s pretty long. I definitely loved the chemistry, the humour between Søren, Nora and Kingsley. In every chapter, a new secret is revealed which generates an ever growing curiosity and that actually makes you turn every page. I would probably rate the series 4/5.

Book 1.

Next series, which I am currently reading is, Songs of the North by Diana Groe. The first book is Maidensong which is so far going great. The book takes us back to old times. It is a love story about sacrifice and destiny.

Ms. Groe is a fresh new voice in romance. Dramatic and stirring, maidensong will leave you clamouring for more of Diana Groe’s work.”

-Connie Mason

Which is true!

Well like and comment down your answers!



Crazy Rich Asians

by Kevin Kwan

So, I just finished this book. I had heard of the movie, but it did not bother me much. Then one fine day, I noticed a book named “Crazy Rich Asians” and all of the sudden, I had an urge to read this book.

I would the book 4/5 because it probably has the craziest of the content! As the book starts with Nicholas Young’s lavish life and his love story with Rachel Chu, it creates a subtle environment. But when, the word of these two visiting Singapore or rather Nick bringing Rachel, his girlfriend to the Asia’s biggest wedding, the Khoo’s wedding in Singapore, things start steaming up.

We are then introduced to Rachel’s Mom and Nick’s big fat family. The first page itself talks about the family tree which is actually big. The book focuses on how the higher class people, the distinctions among them, the money talk and everything rich. Somehow Kevin Kwan has managed to keep it mad which creates a lot of magic. Asians are in general crazy to be very honest, since I am one!

However, the end I felt is a bit incomplete. It’s happy, I promise but somehow unfinished. But, I definitely recommend reading this book if you want a good laugh. I wish Kevin Kwan releases a sequel on Nick-Rachel romedy!

This is definitely going to be my reaction!

Well, since this is my first blog post, please read, like, comment and let me know about your views. Hope you like it. Have a nice day!


First ever!

“The best time for new beginnings is now.”


This is my ever blog on books. I have been reading books for a really loooooooooong time, like since forever. For being a bit helpful, I would write reviews in bits on my personal Instagram account, but proper book blogging never occurred to me.

Suddenly, I felt “what if I start book blogging? For real?” And so I started it. I hope you read my book reviews, think upon it and like it! I would love to know, what kind of stuff do you want me to talk about on this page, negative and positive views both are welcomed. After all, a positive experience is a negative experience in itself and a negative experience is a positive experience in itself!


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